5 must DO in Trento, charming little city in north Italy.

Charming Trento is a perfect choice if you are planning a family trip. It will satisfy all art&history lovers as well the nature lovers, especially in winter times.


There is so much activity in the city of Trento, a small charming town located in the Dolomites in the north of Italy! It is also ideal for a family trip because it offers numerous facilities for all generations, especially children.

The Trentino region in Italy will amaze you with its diverse territory, rich natural beauty, and at the same time full of cultural and gastronomic attractions. It is a great place to visit art, history and culture because of its castles, old churches and museums!

The influence and history of the city dates back to ancient Roman times. The remains of the ancient Tridentum can still be found today as part of the archeological site in the center of Trento, while the Renaissance presence can be seen on many facades of local palaces.

But the city’s main influence dates back to when the region was part of Austria from 1814 to 1918. It was not until a peace treaty signed after World War I that Trento and the entire region of Sudtirol became part of Italy

For this reason, you will notice the German influence through the gastronomic offer, especially beer consumption as well as through cultural activities.

nezaobilazni perec u gastro ponudi

Trento is a place where you will find many artists, enjoy the nature that surrounds it – especially during the winter when it offers attractive ski slopes, but also during the autumn when you can taste various varieties of the best wines in the country!

If you are planning to visit the city soon, but you are not sure what to do in Trento, we bring you 5 things that you should not miss:

  1. Old city center
Piazza del Duomo

Although rarely mentioned in tourist offers, the town of Trento with its old core can go alongside famous cities such as Treviso, Verona, Vicenza. Although smaller in area, it does not lag behind the historical attractions it offers. A walk through the center will enchant you with the picturesque main square Piazza del Duomo with the imposing Neptune Fountain from 1768, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the castle of Buonconsiglio as well as cozy cafes and restaurants where you can try the specialties of this region!

bar in Trento

The Cathedral of Trento is also known as the Cathedral of San Vigilio or Duomo di Trento. It was built around the 11th century, and the interior was remodeled during the early 13th century, using a combination of Lombard Romanesque style and high vaulted ceilings reflecting Gothic architecture. Inside, you will also discover frescoes that cover the entire range of Venetian, Lombard and late Gothic styles.

To make your time travel even more interesting, I will tell you that the cathedral is located above the remains of a 6th century Christian basilica with a mosaic floor!


2. Castle Buonconsiglio

Dvorac Buonconsiglio

Buonconsiglio Castle was of great importance to the city, as it was on its way to Germany, and therefore became the residence of the dukes of the bishops of Trent between the 13th and 18th centuries.

The imposing fortress mixes Romanesque and Gothic style on its towers with even more imposing architecture, and is decorated with Renaissance frescoes. The castle currently houses the Museo del Risorgimento and the Museo Provinciale d’Arte. You can see sculptures, antique furniture, archeological and ethnological collections, perfect for any lover of history and art.

castello Buonconsiglio

At the southern end is the Tower of Aquila, decorated with the Cycle of the Months from the 15th century, the best secular art style of the late Middle Ages. From month to month it illustrates and documents, in a rare and valuable form, court life and outdoor activities. Entrance to the castle costs 10 €.

3. MUSE – the museum of sience

MUSE was opened by Renzo Piano back in 2013 to show visitors the relationship between man and nature. The building has glass walls that mimic the surrounding mountain peaks and slopes. Exhibitions include the evolution from geological formations and fossils to the natural environment of flora, fauna, glaciers and avalanches

You can find practical, multimedia and sensory experiences that give life to artifacts. It is a museum and a dynamic introduction to alpine landscapes. As part of their practical sense of education, let’s say it’s forbidden to “NO” touch. The two listed trips for “Maxi Ooh” are for kids, while “Tinker Fun” is a space for adults to explore their creativity.

Since the museum is only partially translated, I recommend you choose a tour in English, especially if you are going with children.

When you’re done with the museum, go upstairs to get the perfect view of the picture. For the end of your visit, on the minus 1st floor there is a tropical greenhouse, perfect for relaxing. To enter the museum you need to pay 10 €

4. Panoramic funicular and waterfall Orrido di Ponte Alto

An excellent activity for all lovers of views and height is the cable car that will, for 5 €, take you from Trento to the village on the mountain where you will enjoy one of the best views of Trento. If you like sunsets, you might want to end your day there – with an aperol at a local bar.

Once you are in nature, head to the Klanac area where you will find the Ponte Alto gorge and its waterfall, a magical experience found in a canyon carved by the Fersina River over time. You will see two waterfalls dive into the canyon

The trails have been maintained and rearranged so that visitors can get closer to the canyon walls again, but you must visit them accompanied by a guide

5. Monte Bonodone

Monte Bondone

For all lovers of snow joys, the Dolomites are at your disposal. We headed to Monte Bondona, a 20-minute drive from Trento where there are ski resorts, restaurants and the famous art installation Terrazza delle Stelle.

Terrazza delle Stelle

In typical mountain restaurants you can try local offerings such as canederli (dumplings) and various strudels.

Of the other attractions of Trento, be sure not to miss the autumn wine tastings at the San Leonardo estate in Trento and the famous Film Festival.

Choose one of the many attractive hotels to enjoy your stay. We chose a refurbished and upgraded villa, Villa Madruzzo, located on a hill 5 minutes drive from the city, with great city views . The villa also offers a restaurant with Italian delicacies and wellness, so you can set aside one day for carefree relaxation with breakfast in bed and enjoying the Spa offer.