Weekend in Italian style that you will want to repeat

Castello di Spessa

” Where for the weekend? ” Is a classic issue at the end of the week when everyone needs a getaway from everyday life. If you go west, via Gorizia, at only 2.5 hours from Zagreb you will find a hidden place that will offer you a royal holiday. Castello di Spessa, a 13th-century castle, is hidden in the hills covered with vineyards in the Collio region, known for top quality Italian wines of controlled quality .

Castello di Spessa

With only 15 rooms, exclusively decorated with restored Italian furniture, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, to every carefully decorated detail, this castle offers more than a relaxing holiday. It is famous for Giacomo Casanòs who has spent many days writing, tasting wine and other adventures recorded in his memoirs, even the two rooms have his name and a romantic walk through a nearby 10-point park where you can find Casanova’s quotes.

Castello di Spessa

Since 1987, this aristocratic building is owned by the Pali family, which has further developed the production of top quality wines, called Castello di Spessa. Wines are carefully kept in the wine cellar barrels, as much as 18 meters below the castle, which once served as a military bunker and still maintains an ideal temperature of 14 degrees. The Collio region is known for its supreme white wine Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Chadonnay, and from the red wine you can taste the finest Cabernet Sauvignion and Merlot. The property of Castello di Spessa stretches to as much as 85 hectares, and their wines were mentioned in aristocratic circles in the 16th century.


The most important part of the day are certainly morning, awakening with the sound of birds in the royal bed, in the true sense of the word, is an unforgettable experience. A real experience is the breakfast prepared and served in a restored kitchen according to an autochthonous look from the 18th century with attractive modern details and then you can continue to pamper yourself with the inevitable Italian coffee on the terrace in front of the castle. 


Beside tasting wine, on the emerald green plains and hills that stretch around, you can try a golf course with 18 holes, simply stroll to romantic lanes or ride the bikes that are also at your disposal. As Italy is famous for its gourmet delicacies, just a few steps from your castle, in the restaurants of La Boat, Hosteria del Castello and Tavernetta al Castello, we tried homemade pasta, fresh fish, and other dishes made from organically grown foods made by chef Tonino Venic.

Castello di Spessa

After driving through the picturesque villages and vineyards, in just 20 minutes, is the medieval town of Cividale, which is mentioned 50 years before Christ as the Roman Municipium. It is famous for the Devil Bridge that divides the town into two parts, and photogenic narrow streets will bring you to other sights – the Archaeological Museum and Duomo, a cathedral from the 15th century. Be sure to look for refreshment in Piazza Paolo Diacono square with the unavoidable Aperol Spritz or Hugo, which have a perfectly irresistible taste here.

Castello di Spessa is an ideal location that offers a wide range of opportunities for relaxing in the green surroundings, golf activities, cycling, exploring smaller historical medieval towns or larger ones such as Venice (an hour’s drive) and shopping in Palmanova (half an hour drive) and even sunbathing and swimming on the beach we headed to Sistiana, a famous fishing village on the coast. If you want to continue in royal style, go to the Porto Piccolo Sistiana beach club, just 20 minutes away from Trieste.


Aperitivo with white canopy in a comfortable sofa on a wooden boat floor with turquoise color, the infinity of the pool and the blue colour in the background will be the highlight of your unforgettable weekend after which you will need a day more to return to reality.

Aperitivo Sistiana Portopiccolo beach club

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