Vacation in a luxury villa for everyone, not just for them! Enjoy the pool overlooking the beautiful lake

Villa Sostaga

We believe that you have already heard about the largest Italian lake Garda, located in the north of Italy. It has been a favorite holiday destination for many years .

Because of the popularity of the Lake Garda, there are crowds, tourists to standing in the row to buy tickets, full of hotels, so many who do not know this place usually are staying here for a 2-3 days only to look at the basic attractions.

Lago di Garda

The undeveloped Gargnano village is located on the northwest side of the lake, and for the first time it is mentioned in documents in 937. This area is rich in gorgeous villas and palaces where Italian nobles rested, and even Benito Mussolini had their residence there – villa Feltrinelli today has been transformed into a luxurious hotel. Gargnano has for long been known for growing lemons. Lemons, for centuries, have been the central part of Gargnan’s economy, greenhouses were built to allow citrus growing on these geographic widths. Gargnan’s specialities are various cheeses, fish specialties, olive oil and capers.

Villa Sostaga

One of the romantic villas in this part, with the most beautiful view of Lake Garda, is definitely Villa Sostaga. Situated on a hill above Gargnano, it is created for a dream vacation. It was built at the end of the 19th century and the owner, Count Giuseppe Feltrinelli, wanted to make a hunting lodge out of it in the middle of a forest of 40 hectares. Architect Alberico Belgiojoso turned Villa Sostaga into a pleasant summer residence, which hosted many prominent guests. In 2004, Gabriele Seresina took over the management of this boutique hotel, which today combines warm welcome, comfort, style and luxury. Apart from enjoying the finest Italian delicacies in the restaurant, the wine cellar offers over 400 kinds of premium wines, selected with great care to complement your taste with lunches and dinners with high quality enological notes.


Villa Sostaga has been carefully integrated into the environment and nature so that it offers the view of the nearby green hills and the spacious meadows and the snowy peaks of the Dolomites. The biggest attraction is certainly the view of spectacular Lake Garda, can enjoy it from the beds or from a heated outdoor swimming pool or jacuzzi.

Enjoying this idyllic setting can be combined with a one-day excursion to a truly special place – Sirmione, which will take you one hour to drive.

View of Lake Garda

Sirmione is a town on a narrow peninsula at the southern end of Lake Garda, in a picturesque location it has attracted visitors since Roman times. The peninsula is only about 100 meters wide and about four kilometers long. It’s certainly a good idea to park your car at one of the big parking lots near the entrance and then use the buses that drive every 15 minutes from the parking lot to the old city and cost 1 euro.


In the historic city you enter by the bridge across the lake, and the center of the town is dominated by Scaligero Castle, located in a beautiful romantic setting on the edge of the lake. The castle built the Scaligero family in the 13th century to defend the southern coast of Lake Garda.

If you want to get into the castle and go to the tower, the entrance fee is charged and it is worth it only because of the view that comes from the top, because in the castle itself there is not much to see.


Sirmione consists of three different parts: the fortress and the jar at the entrance to the peninsula; a historic town behind the fort; and the Roman ruins of the Catullus cave on the northern end of the peninsula.


Of course, as in many other historic Italian cities, it is an opportunity for walking and enjoying the picturesque, medieval streets, sightseeing, shopping of various crafts that offer real little hand made masterpieces. Sirmione offers one of the largest portions of Italian ice cream, which will provide you with the same pleasure as sightseeing of famous monuments of culture. Inside the old city are numerous charming houses, boutique hotels, and you can refresh yourself with the unavoidable Aperol Spritz in one of the many cafes and restaurants overlooking the lake.