The most charming place I’ve been to! Discover the magic, luxury and splendor of the irresistible Capri

Known as the pearl of the Mediterranean, Capri is one of the most charming islands in the world. A small paradise on earth in the heart of the Gulf of Naples that attracts millions of tourists every year.

Boat trip around the island, Faraglioni

Although it had been on my wish list for years, I had traveled to much further destinations before the road brought me to Capri. Maybe even better, because now I can safely describe it as the most charming place I’ve been to. There is something about this island that stays with you forever.

A day or two is enough to tour the island, but for those who like to enjoy themselves and can afford a longer stay, I advise you to enjoy as much as you can. Arriving by boat in the port of Capri leaves the first impression of this nature’s beauty, and the luxurious villas, lemon trees and picturesque streets together create a unique and unforgettable experience. The beauty of the island is also reflected in its impeccable architecture, all houses look a like, without glass creations that do not belong there, like a vintage display case where every figurine follows the same tone and style.

Hotel San Michele, Anacapri

Capri has long been a magnet for the rich and famous. Since Roman times, its beautiful beauty and peaceful atmosphere have attracted elite visitors. Both Emperor Augustus and Emperor Tiberius built magnificent villas on the island, and Villa Jovis was one of Tiberius’ most famous residences. The island’s appeal has continued into modern times, as it became a favorite destination for celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Sophia Loren, who were captivated by its charm and natural beauty.

The island’s legacy as a glamorous haven has continued into the 21st century, with a new generation of celebrities still frequenting Capri. Famous world stars enjoy beautiful views and soak up the sun on private yachts near the coast, and you can often meet them at restaurants in the evening. We had that opportunity and in the famous Da Paolino restaurant we met Magic Johnson who was on vacation with his family.

Magic Johnson, restaurant Da Paolino, Capri

The island offers a level of luxury that few other destinations can match, but you never feel that you do not belong to that luxury. Visitors, who are certainly wealthier than you, do not create any polarity. On the contrary, I would describe the guests of the island as smiling, cheerful, approachable, with a refined style that will greet you even if they don’t know you.

The island of Capri is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and iconic landmarks. The famous Blue Grotto, an enchanting sea cave bathed in ethereal blue light, captivates visitors with its otherworldly charm. The Faraglioni, three tall rock formations that rise majestically out of the blue, have become a symbol of the island and offer an unforgettable sight.

Faraglioni, Capri

Capri’s two enchanting towns, Capri and Anacapri, boast narrow streets, vibrant flowers, bougainvillea, and chic boutiques. Their elegance is further emphasized by landmark hotels such as Hotel Caesar Augustus, Grand Hotel Quisisana and JK Place Capri, which cater to the more affluent visitors to the island. Places such as La Piazzetta, Terrazzo Tiberio Restaurant at Capri Tiberio Palace and Caff√® Morgano, and Da Paolino Restaurant offer an inviting setting for casual people-watching or indulging in local culinary delicacies.


The Gardens of Augustus, with their stunning panoramic view, are an essential stop for a visit to the island. You can climb up to them by a winding steep path from the sea side, more for those sporty types, or by a leisurely walk from the small town of Capri.

Capri’s famous lemons are an essential part of the island’s charm, known for their impressive size, vivid color and intense fragrance. They are integrated into every segment of the island, from fashion patterns, interior painting, space decoration to the famous liquor Limoncello. In order to experience the authentic taste of Capri, be sure to try this wonderful liqueur, which is also available as a refreshing Limoncello Spritz.

Garden of Augustus, Capri

Another unique aspect of Capri’s rich heritage is Carthusia, a historic perfume house with roots dating back to the 14th century. Legend has it that a local monk created a signature scent from the abundant island flowers for Queen Giovanna d’Angi√≤. Centuries later, in 1948, the accidental discovery of an old perfume formula in the abandoned monastery of St. Giacomo led to the founding of the Carthusia and the revival of the ancient art of perfume making on the island. Today, Carthusia continues to use traditional methods and local ingredients to create luxurious fragrances that capture the essence of Capri’s natural beauty. Carthusia’s fragrances are a symbol of the island’s rich history and unique identity.

Switch to a Dolce far niente state of mind, discover the charm of Capri and let its allure take you to a world of elegance and magic.