Treviso, city of water


Treviso is located at the mouth of two Alpine rivers, Siles and Boteniges. Just 30km from Venice, from which you can reach with the boat, this town has been known since 15th century as a place to rest and enjoy the rich inhabitants of Venice.

A delightful town full of fun bridges and canals, Treviso is known by the beautiful houses whose balconies look out over numerous canals, church towers and numerous caf├ęs. Despite the tremendous amount of knowledge, Treviso is actually a city in which the true Italian spirit is to be breathed. We have spent days trying to live an Italian life, hedonistic, as well as locals .

Piazza dei Signori

Breakfast at the Piazza dei Signori, Camelia Bakery Coffee and Tiramisu on a sunny square with a view on stylish dressed Italians and top fashion boutiques, a walk to the fish market in the very center of the city, a break for the famous prosecco that has marked this region.

Camelia Bakery

Along the way, we have visited all the famous sights: Piazza dei Signori, Palazzo di Podesta, San Nicolo church, Duomo cathedral dedicated to St. Peter, Piazza Rinaldi, Ponte di Pria (stone bridge at the mouth of the Canal Grande and Canal Buranelli), Dante monument as well as a famous monument of bushes from which once white and black wine was rolled.

Fontana delle tette

Exploring the interesting things of Treviso, it is also worth seeing the Prosecco tour in Veneto (Strada del Prosecco). It is an absolutely impressive experience of visiting the nearby vineyards and stone sheds that are located on the shores. It is the oldest Italian wine route in the region where the best “prosecco” is produced in the world. Almost 60% of the world’s production of this sort of wine is produced here.


If you want to rest outside of the city of Treviso, it is definitely a recommendation to go to the Arcade. Only 10 km from Treviso, there is a place with its 4000 inhabitants, where everything will be close to reach, and landscaped gardens and fields of poppy will give you an extra dose of relaxation and blending with nature. Hotel Relais Barco Zonca will welcome you with its hospitality, and it is located just next to the same name of a villa decorated in French style. You can spend days in the landscaped green yard labyrinths that complement the lemon trees that surround it. Across the hotel, in the 17th century building, there is also the pizzeria Al Ciaro de Luna (Under the Moon), which is decorated with special charm and with carefully decorated interior and exterior, and the pizza is more than perfect.


They say that Treviso is the city of art and water, I would add that it is a charming town surrounded by magical nature. It is still not involved in major tourist tours, so use this Italian exclusive before other tourist groups occupied it.