The town with timeless Italian charm with Advent that gives a special Christmas magic.

Trst, perfect for a weekend even in the winter!

Many European cities are trying to attract the tourists with their advent offers, and many in that race lose the charm they had before, the unforgettable Christmas magic that creates special warmth.

Trieste is a city where you will always notice a centuries-old historical tradition before a commercial seasonal offer, which is why it is special in every season, and in winter you will especially feel the charm and hospitality of this city decorated with thousands of lamps.

Our journey through history began with the hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace. More than 100 years ago, the Austro-Hungarian empire ordered to build the most impressive and most luxurious hotel in Trieste, whose port was at that time of great importance, called the “European Gate of the East”. In 1911 it was built right by the sea, just a few steps from the main square of Piazza Unita d’Italia, with an enchanting view of the entire bay. His opening was on the occasion of the launch of a new ship of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and at the very opening the hotel hosted the entire Habsburg court and their guests. After Trieste became part of Italy, Excelsior Savoia hosted in 1918 the first Italian king Vittoria Emanuelle third, and then the hotel received a prefix in the name of Savoia. Except for being worthy of every king, Excelsior will at first glance impressed you with white facade and small semi-circular balconies with romantic metal fences, but the real spell moves when you enter. In 2009 hotel, with its 144 rooms, has been completely renovated in a classic style with modern details and high quality and precious materials, carefully designed to create luxury that express the royal tranquility

STARHOTELS-Trieste, 18 Giugno 2009 ,inaugurazione del SAVOIA EXCELSIOR PALACE foto Gianluca Moggi/NEWPRESSPHOTO

The gourmets will find their pleasure in the Savoy by Eataly restaurant, where the chef Andrea Stoppari will give you the right gastronomic experience through traditional Italian cuisine with the finest selection of wines. If you’re just for an aperitif, there’s the Le Rive bar overlooking the bay, with interesting classic decor and luxurious detail, and you’ll feel for a moment that you’ve been in the Casablanca movie.

If you’ve been to Ponte Rosso for the last time in Trieste, it’s time to visit the following places:

Caffe degli Specchi

Famous cafe on the main square. In 1974, the famous confectioner’s family, Faggiotto, returned the original appearance of this centuries-old cafe and offered sensational creations of chocolate pralines and unique sweets. Sit on the terrace of this cafe overlooking the main square, drink coffee or aperitif, it’s an absolute must when visiting Trieste.

Antica Trattoria Suban

The fourth generation of the Suban family successfully maintains this restaurant at a highest level, so book a table at least a few days before you want to taste the typical delicacies of this region, which are made here with special care. Pleasant wooden decoration with interesting carvings and details create a relaxed atmosphere the minute you enter. It is interesting to note that the restaurant tradition lasts from 1865 when it was opened by Giovanni Suban thanks to his lucky lottery ticket which he bought in Vienna the same year.


With ice cream in Italy you can not make a mistake but if you can choose then try the one with the longest tradition, and Gangemi is known for its quality since 1907.

Urbanis 1832

Do you want to have lunch or drink only coffee in one of the areas that still have old frescoes? Urbanis will give you that feeling. Do not forget the important information in Italy, so even in Trieste, the kitchen for lunch is only between 12 and 15, then you can not order lunch in restaurants anymore, but you can always grab a famous piadina.

Cafe S.Marco 1914

Apart from the centuries-old tradition that is felt in the traditional decoration of the bar S.Marco, the speciality of this shop is the connection with the antique shop, so while you drink coffee you can buy a book and spend time as in good old days, when in hand were not cell phones but books. The coffee served in Trieste is Illy, and no, there is absolutely no other, but due to its full taste and quality will surely satisfy even the most demanding coffee lovers.

Popular restaurants that you can try in the centre of the city center are Al Petes Wine Eating, which offers homemade cuisine, or Puro, a fashionable restaurant with interesting gastronomic fusion. For lovers of delicious steak there is the famous Pep’s, which also has the same named bar near where you can continue after dinner, and have fun with DJ music. The New York Cupcake from Magnolia can not compare with the one from Ginger Cupcake that will attract you with the perfect taste and the creative details of interior design

“My soul is in Trieste” are famous words of even more famous writer James Joyce, who found a great inspiration in this Italian town.

James Joyce

James was not the only one, Trieste was generously paid tribute to writers and poets who have been writing numerous works here, so you can take a photo with their numerous statues in natural size – Italo Svevo, James Joyce, Umberto Saba and others.

It’s time to discover the charms of Trieste, and spend a charming Advent weekend with the scent of the sea.

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