Milan – your new weekend destination

Only 1 and a half hour by plane from Zagreb!

Milan, an undiscovered pearl for a weekend trip, is far more than the stereotypes that are linked to: an attractive shopping mall, models, “Fashion week “and business meetings.

Milan is a combination of attractions and beauty that will surprise you, just take a peek into its wide offer. The city is home to more than 1.3 million people, and around the old town centre is increasingly widening the interesting modern quarters, ideally connected by metro, tram and buses.

This pearl of Lombardy combines Italian culture and architecture, Parisian shopping and bistros, New York’s rooftops and Central Park, the metropolis of London and its spacious parks, the Venice canals and the antistress Spa of Budapest.

At the very beginning, we bring you seven sights of Milan that you definitely want in your instagram: Duomo Cathedral, Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, Castello Sforzesco Castle, Porta Sempione, Milan Navigli (Small Venice), Colonna di San Lorenzo, Torre Branca (Milan Eiffel Tower).

In addition to these unavoidable sights we have chosen three things that make this city special and for which your first thought about Milan will no longer be just a world-wide shopping mall.

An inexhaustible source of Italian history, culture and art

When you ask the Milan residents what to see of culture sightseeing of Milan, they will tell you just to walk around the narrow town centre, because you will experience culture, beauty, aesthetics and history every step and every building. The part we would certainly recommended is the magical Brera.

Just a 10-minute walk from Duomo, there is Brera quarter, full of narrow alleys, romantic restaurants, playful bars, art galleries. Numerous artists have lived here through history and therefore you can feel the special energy that turns you back to the time when many masterpieces have been created. You can also look at these great works in the Pinacoteca di Brera’s most famous and largest city gallery.

When we are at a masterpiece, one of the most famous artists – Leonardo da Vinci, spent much of his life in Milan. Behind has left many invaluable works, as well as the legendary Last Supper that is in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Near the church there is also the famous Vinyard of Leonardo da Vinica. This vineyard in the centre of town is a real experience, especially when you know that a great Leonardo was creating in that palace and relaxing in the spacious yard among the vines.

For theatre enthusiasts there is Teatro alla Scalla. If you stay for a day longer than a weekend, we recommend that you attend one of the performances and experience this truly spectacular scene, hall and sound.

Rooftops with aperitifs, city view and sunset

Whether you want a romantic look at the sunset or party with friends, there are cafes, restaurants and clubs on the roofs of buildings in Milan that have become a real hit. Aperitif is a famous Italian name for a popular time period of 18 to 21 hours when the bars / restaurants you order offer free sweet and salty Italian delicacies. Rooftops are an attractive place for fun, as apart from the enjoyable decorations, food and beverages offer an ideal view of the city, perfect for tagging during the sunset.

Top 5 rooftops you have to visit:

Ceresio7 (owners Dsquared)

Radio Rooftop



Hotel dei Cavalieri

Relaxation in Roman baths in the city center

The attraction that few people know and that really caught our attention are Roman baths in the very centre of the city – QC Terme Milano. If you want to relax after the the long city tour, this is the place for you. The price is on average 50 euros, but it really is worth so much. The thermal baths are located right up to the historic gate of Porta Romana and are surrounded by ancient Spanish walls. It consists of a courtyard with two pools with thermal water, massage waterfalls and a Jacuzzi. Relaxing beds, surrounded by flowers, offer you a real vacation with a glorious view of the stars if you come in the evening. There are several types of sauna available for the detoxification and the most attractive sauna is in the traditional Milan tram that is placed in the yard. The entrance price includes an aperitif and from 18:00 to 21:00 you can also taste and enjoy unlimited drinks or Italian wines.

About Italian food we will not write, it is not necessary to repeat that Italian delicacies – pasta, pizza, ice cream – have the perfect taste here. One of the most famous pizzas is Gino Sorbillo, a Neapolitan Pizza that opened its doors also in New York City.

It is always difficult to decide on ice cream, visit Amorino, Grom or Venchi 1878. What we will surely point out is the excellent Asian cuisine offer, that brought sushi to perfection, so do not miss to try it, we recommend Mun – fine asian kitchen .

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